Prototyping Architecture Exhibition, Nottingham

The Prototyping Architecture Exhibition in The Wolfson Prototyping Hall, Nottingham was the first and largest of the three exhibitions curated by Michael Stacey. The exhibition was designed and constructed in Nottingham by his Sixth Year students from the Making Architecture Research Studio [MARS], with the Protocell Mesh largely constructed by Fifth Year Architecture students, led by Chantelle Niblock.

The opening of the exhibition on 17th October 2013 coincided with the opening of the Wolfson Prototyping Hall, located in the new Energy Technologies Building at The University of Nottingham. The Wolfson Prototyping Hall is a unique facility for the prototyping and testing of assemblies and components. Architecture and Urbanism Research Division is engaging in collaborative partnerships with industry, practice and manufacturers to develop and test new components and construction assemblies.

Every exhibit from the exhibition is catalogued in the Prototyping Architecture book.